A Real Firecracker!

Fireworks at 10:45 lit up the sky.

This girl is on fiiiiire! No seriously, I thought my tent was going to catch fire : )  What an amazing experience I had at the “Assiniboine Downs Night Market” on September 3rd, 2017. I was very lucky to have some supportive friends and family pop in, it means a lot to me. It really keeps my mojo going.

I met some great vendors, awesome people and was surprised at how many cards I sold. It turns out people love greeting cards and postcards. I really thought about whether or not to make prints to sell unique cards. I was hoping they didn’t devalue my original artwork somehow. I’m kinda fumbling through making a few of these decisions. I’ve googled everything regarding prints and greeting cards and the pros and cons for the artist and the value of the artwork itself. In the end, I thought  – I make art to be enjoyed and, hopefully, it puts a smile on someone’s face for the day.

I want my art in homes. Some folks can’t afford the originals, because of the nature of the details in my art. I consider myself an artist, not a crafter.  So right or wrong – I made cards. I know in the back of my mind, someone has framed that piece and walks by it every morning en route to the coffee machine. I imagine them walking back with a freshly brewed coffee in hand to stop and sigh with a smile at my greeting card in a frame. Dreamy thought – but I hold on it daily!


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