Dreaming and “Arting”

I dream often. It’s a regular thing for me. Some people say I’m lucky because I can remember my dreams. I think I am most of the time, lucky that is, unless I have a crazy nightmare.

For the most part, dreams come to me when I’m looking for a solution or an answer to something important. Usually, animals are woven into my dreams. I’m not going to dissect WHY they come to me.  I love having animals spirits visit my dreams when I need direction or focus. I would hate to disrupt that if I try to over analyze it or belittle the meaning of it.

I feel a spiritual connection to the essence of their voice. They inspire me and I extend their message through my paint brushes. I’ve decided to document some them, often my clients want to know what inspired me or the story behind the painting.

Here are a few of my Dreamtime stories…

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