Author: Nicole LeClair

Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund - A Night To Remember

Supporting Kids in Urgent Care

Art Donation Supporting Kids in Urgent Care I love supporting our community whenever possible, especially when it helps kids. Bid on a piece of my work at the First Annual MMF/MMHF Gala Fundraiser. “A Night to Remember” takes place in the Grand Ballroom located at the Fort Garry Hotel on 222 Broadway in Winnipeg from […]

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Dreaming and “Arting”

I dream often. It’s a regular thing for me. Some people say I’m lucky because I can remember my dreams. I think I am most of the time, lucky that is, unless I have a crazy nightmare. For the most part, dreams come to me when I’m looking for a solution or an answer to […]

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Sharing Métis Culture (K-6s)!

How much fun are kids? My kids are teenagers and I forgot how inquisitive and honest they can be! I was honored to be asked to be a part of the 2017 Aboriginal Day Celebrations at Ecole Riviere Rouge last June. It’s a great opportunity for me to share Métis Culture with our youth and touch base with […]

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Fireworks at Assiniboia Downs during Winnipeg Night Market where Metis Art was exhibiting.

A Real Firecracker!

This girl is on fiiiiire! No seriously, I thought my tent was going to catch fire : )  What an amazing experience I had at the “Assiniboine Downs Night Market” on September 3rd, 2017. I was very lucky to have some supportive friends and family pop in, it means a lot to me. It really keeps […]

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Metis Unity


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Sanctity of the Heart by Nicole S. Leclair

“Sanctity of the Heart”

SOLD “Sanctity of the Heart” was created last year, although it wasn’t a commissioned piece, I knew I would keep this one in the family. The bold colors and contrast between the deep black were an experimental project. I didn’t sketch this out and freely painted on thick card stock. As I progress with newer […]

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