Artist Statement

With my paintings, I hope to capture the organic curves of nature and the spirit of animals through bright colors and strokes of intrigue. I tell a meaningful story behind the curves and give purpose and connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Our society is caught up in efficiency and robotics. It seems to me, our relationships are built on fleeting moments of data, networked to make contact for a trivial time. I hope I can change that, if even for a few minutes.

I want people to see my artwork and remember what the warm grass feels like underneath their bare feet, the smell of rain-dew in the early morning and the sounds of the animals chirping at dawn. My work is an examination and celebration of our human relationship with our earth.

My pointillism is an interpretation of my Métis Ancestors’ traditional beadwork. The graphic details of our beading characterized our style and Métis People were commonly referred to as the “Flower People”.

What do I want to say with my art?

Treasure the white space as much as the matter. Acknowledge the space between the leaves on a branch, think differently. Only then can we appreciate a more lasting connection to people, nature, and earth.


Nicole S. LeClair